Logo Design

CampaignKeys offers logo-design services to individuals, organizations and corporations wishing to strengthen their brand image, to build their corporate identity or to create a lasting legacy. Aside from designing company logos, branding elements and watermarks, we offer alterations and redesigning of pre-existing logos for anniversary celebrations, commemorative events and organizational subdivisions.

Your logo is the core of your identity while being the face of your cause.

Techinally, there are three kinds of logos:

1) Iconic/Symbolic/Brandmark: These are logos of totally identifiable imagery or graphics could have been designed to literally represent a company or organization. Iconic logos, however, can be abstract so as to accommodate or encourage broader interpretations. A truly effective logo is something that is memorable, immedieately recognizable and clear in any desired size.


Examples of this kind:

2) Logotype/Wordmark: These are logos whose style and identity is embodied in the words or letters itself. Wordmarks are designed artistically and aesthetically in a way that the need for an iconic component in the logo is eliminated. They are designed to stand up on their own without diminishing recognizable qualities. These logos can include hand drawn elements but they are mainly dependent on the attributes and appearance of the lettering: bold for power, script for formality, quirk for adventure etc.


Examples of this kind:

3) Combination: These are logos having both text and illustration to complement each other. These logos are designed to represent more aspects of the company, organization or individual including origin, nature of business, or goals.


Examples of this kind:

Logos are who you are and what you do. Aside from aesthetics, we make sure our logos are accurate representations of the personality and the nature of business of the client. Identity is what logos are for. They are the marks that convey your personality, your business or your cause and they are made to bring forth recognition. Their immediate goal is to capture attention by standing out from the crowd. Better logos, however, are designed so that they will be remembered.

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